Our Shilav Experience

Shilav Baby Bed P1080035 (Small).JPG
Shilav Baby Bed P1080038 (Small).JPG
Shilav Baby Bed P1080040 (Small).JPG
Shilav Shida Dressing Table  from TalBaby  PC040044 (Medium).JPG
Shilav Shida Dressing Table from TalBaby  PC040052 (Medium).JPG

"They are not what they used to be."   Shilav is still expensive but no longer quality. Spent over two thousand shekels and this is what Shilav delivers.

What you see is what Shilav delivered, "new" out of the box. When asked to replace with unscratched, undamaged furniture as we had paid Shilav's higher prices for, ie. NEW, QUALITY BABY FURNITURE, Shilav blamed us for the damage saying we caused the damage to the dressing table by wiping the top with a sterilizing alcohol tissue.

Even though we *paid* for delivery and assembly, Shilav refused to replace, and would only agree to give us a store credit *if* we brought the furniture back (with our own movers and moving van) and picked up the replacements and then assembled them ourselves.

Please feel free to write us at "Bad-News" "@" "shilav.net".